Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Months

This post is probably going to be a little random because it includes pictures from the whole weekend. It's gone from being nice to snowing to nice again. Very confusing! Anyway, Mommy pulled out the baby legs and I gave them a go.Mina hung out on the deck with Daddy and helped him cook. They've gotten her to eat pork chops and chicken in the last few days by having her help grill. It only makes sense that she'll eat the food she makes.Don't stare into the sun, Mina!I've been hanging out looking in the mirror some. You'd do the same if you looked like me.Daddy put a hat on me. He should have put a UNI hat on me! The Panthers beat Kansas in basketball on Saturday night and we all watched and cheered (well, I cheered in my sleep).Mina wore her snow pants and went on a walk with Daddy on Saturday. Mommy stayed home with me because I was sleeping on the couch.I had friends over this morning. I'm on the right, Alaina (Matthew's little sister) is on the left, and Leah (Ryan and Ellen's girl) is on the top. We were all born within two weeks of each other so we have a lot in common.Here's another view where you can see Leah better.We're pretty close in size. I look a little bigger just because of my cloth diapers, but I bet we're all within two pounds of each other.How do you like this pose?I should share some of my two month stats since I turned two months today.
-I had my appointment on Friday and I've definitely grown. I was 12 pounds, 2 ounces and 58 cm long. I got a bunch of shots and recovered quickly.
-I love to sleep on the couch on my stomach during the day. I sleep for 2-3 hour chunks at least twice a day and also cat nap. I will not sleep on my back during the day.
-I go to bed between 7:30 and 8:30 at night and generally wake up to nurse around 2:30 then again at around 5:30. I sleep in my bouncer chair in a tight swaddle. Daddy no longer needs to hold me during the night.
-I only poop in the middle of the night. During the day I just have messy toots. Tehe!
-I love getting kissed on the mouth. It makes me smile really big.
-I wear some 0-3 month clothes and some 3-6 month clothes.
-I have a very easy going personality and rarely cry unless I need something. I'm even easier than Mina was according to my parents.
-I have some sort of weird rash on my face that Mommy has made her project. She's currently trying Eucerin. We'll see how that goes.
-I enjoy getting my diaper changed and like looking in the mirror for a while afterwards.
-I will take a pacifier and drink from a bottle so Mommy isn't needed by me all the time. When my parents went house shopping, I didn't see Mommy for about six hours and I was just fine with it.
-I fit just right in my Mommy's arms.


  1. You're priceless Charlotte (and your mama is too). ;)

  2. Hello sweetheart!

    You are such a precious little thing. You are looking more & more like your sister as you get older. I can't wait to see you again!!

    Love you!!

    Aunt Claudia

  3. Hi, Charlotte! The pictures of your big sister, your little friends, and you are so cute! I'm thinking I need a "granddaughters" fix soon!

    Lots of love!


  4. You look so pretty in that light blue color, Charlotte. Love you!