Monday, March 29, 2010


I've decided that I love to sleep at night. The last two nights I've slept from about 8 until 3:30, nursed, and then slept again until 7. I'm not napping quite as much during the day, but it's well worth it since I do take at least one long nap a day along with some shorter naps. It's a good thing Mommy got the cloth diapers figured out for bed time because I went almost 12 hours between diaper changes last night since I slept so much. I'm a happy, well-rested baby.Aren't I cute? Did I trick you? This is Mina.Mina continues to love on me. I don't mind it one bit.Mommy put me in this 3-6 month outfit for the first time and it looks like I'll be going up another size pretty soon. It fits perfectly at the moment.We had a house showing on Friday afternoon during Mina's nap time so we went up to visit Great Aunt Shirley so Mina could borrow one of her bedrooms for the afternoon. We paid her with baby snuggles. Mina talked about how much fun she had at Shirley's house on the ride home and then told Daddy too. We had another showing on Saturday morning and went over to Miss Jamie's house. Daddy got a call in the afternoon that the people who looked at the house that morning wanted to buy it. By bedtime, they had a deal so we won't have any more showings. Yay!Mina is busy this morning with her coloring books. She also built the tower next to her completely by herself.This is the sight Mommy sees both before and after nursing. Lucky Mommy!I have cute feet.I'm also a little sassy.Mina's a little sassy too. Check out that neck! Mommy has more to tell you on Mina's blog so check there too. Have a great week - I know I will because Daddy will be home with us.

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  1. I love the pictures of you and big sis, Charlotte! You are growing so much lately!! I can't get over how much you look like Mina in your pictures - you could be twins!! Good job sleeping at night - keep up the good work :o)
    Take care!