Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's been gorgeous outside the last couple of days. Mommy tells me that spring is on its way. This makes me happy because it distracts Mina so I can play inside in peace.I hung out in my play gym for quite a while yesterday while Mina played on the deck off of the living room. Mommy was able to watch both of us and get the dishes done so we were all happy girls. Check out my dimple!Mina moved the chairs around the deck over and over again and sat in the chairs with her snacks and toys.She liked looking out at the yard.Mina is very good about picking up garbage and bringing it to Mommy.Daddy held me on Sunday and I made all sorts of faces at him. He preferred my smiles.This is a look I'm working on for when I'm older. "But I really want a princess pony, Daddy!"I've been spitting up a bunch and getting my clothes changed about three times a day. At least I look cute in my diapers. Mommy has given up on wearing shirts. Don't worry, she still wears a tank top and she puts clothes on when she goes somewhere with us.

Today is kind of gloomy, but tomorrow it's supposed to be about 60 degrees here. I bet we'll go outside and have some fun with Grandma when she shows up in the afternoon.

We've had two house showings and no offers yet, but it sounds like people might be interested. I bet they just liked the pictures of me.

I slept for seven hours straight last night! Daddy and Mommy put me to bed at 7:30 and I didn't get up to nurse until 2:30 and then I slept a few more hours before I got into bed with Mommy for my morning snuggle. They asked me for a five hour stretch very nicely and I decided to be generous.

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